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NEED: The project initiative by Dr. Kimatu was driven by the need to provide the surrounding community in Kitui County with cleaner water.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: The most viable option was through the use of low cost clay water purifiers. The pots work by filtering water at a filtration rate of 1hour for every 5 litres and are sold to the local community at Kes. 300
IMPACT: The predominant raw materials for making the clay pots are clay and sand which are readily available in the locality. This makes the project highly scalable as there is an equal demand for water purifiers within Kitui. The use of water purification reduces the spread of water borne diseases and also increases access to safe drinking water. Community members are involved in the baking of the pots and construction of the kiln for this purpose and this enhances their skills in the construction of the clay water purifiers.
INNOVATION: The innovation provides an energy free water purifying clean technology to the rural communities in Kitui. This project is in the Kenya Climate Innovation Center incubation program and upon completion, it is expected to create 27 jobs, the pot production capacity is expected to increase from 2 to 400 pots per day. The purification process is also expected to go up from 20 litres to 20,000 so that more community members gain access to clean water.
NETFUND EFFECT: NETFUND has also supported the project to undertake chemical and physical analysis of the pots and the purified water so as to enforce standardization and also develop training manuals.

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