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NEED: Deka Plantations is located in the fairly dry area of Makuyu in Murang’a County. The proprietor, Mr. Rahul Bid wanted to rehabilitate their semi-arid land into productive agricultural land to enhance food security and promote sustainable land management.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: The rehabilitation methods employed include integrated environmental and sustainable farming practices. The farm uses indigenous farming methods like minimum tillage to produce different varieties of fruits. To nourish the soil, they use organic fertilizer and organic pesticides for control of pesticides hence minimizing pollution to the environment.
IMPACT: Through the water harvesting project within the farm, several community members have access to water. This was initially a challenge as watering points are quite far. The farmer has employed several people from the local community which has improved their livelihoods. This interaction has also led to the adoption of the project by other community members on their individual farms. The farmer facilitates this by providing fruit tree seedlings to the rest of the community. During dry spells the farm offers fodder for livestock.
INNOVATION: The farm has demonstrated that rehabilitation of semi-arid land into productive agricultural land is possible.
NETFUND EFFECT: With NETFUND support, the project now directly employs about 10% more staff of which 45% are women. Monthly incomes for the farm increased from KES 0.6 Million to KES 1 Million while the tonnage for oranges and mangos harvested increased 75% per season. A total of 200 households are now accessing clean and piped water facilitated by Deka Plantations.

Our Mission

Empowering kenyans to sustainably manage the environment through promotion and support of green growth.

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