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NEED: Matathia Primary School started an Environmental Conservation Project to encourage active participation in environment conservation.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: The project involves the establishment and management of tree nurseries, water harvesting ideas, waste management solutions, agro forestry and bee keeping. The institution’s project has integrated sustainable land management practices in its demonstration plots.
IMPACT: The project started within the school but with time it spread to neighbouring communities and has enhanced the capacities of 50 farmers in the community on tree nursery establishment and waste management initiatives. Its success led to formalization of a partnership with KENVO Community Based Organization as a way of increasing its impact.
Different schools from Narok and Kericho Counties have visited the school to learn about tree nursery establishment and management, agro forestry activities, soil and water conservation.
INNOVATION: The project has encouraged students to come up with innovations for environmental conservation using tree planting, agro forestry, and soil and water conservation.
NETFUND EFFECT: The project participated in the first phase of NETFUND Green Innovations Award and was in incorporated in the up scaling program. With NETFUND support, the school’s tree nurseries capacities have increased by 200% the number of beehives has increased by 200%.

Our Mission

Empowering kenyans to sustainably manage the environment through promotion and support of green growth.

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