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NEED: St. Agatha Mokwo Girls Secondary School established a biogas plant to cater for their energy needs which included lighting, demonstration in science classes and cooking.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: With the project, students are better placed to put into practice environmental concepts they had only learnt theoretically. The biogas digester has reduced the schools over reliance on firewood as an energy source. Since the school depends on the community for the supply of cow dung, the community has benefitted from the sale of cow dung to the school. A wheel barrow costs KES 50. The school has also increased biogas production and creates awareness through open field days organized for community members.
IMPACT: Another initiative of the school is a tree planting exercise meant to curb mud slides which the area is prone to. During the open field days, community members are advised on how to plant trees that will lower the risk of being affected by mudslides.

INNOVATION: A biogas plant that utilised cow dung from surrounding local communities to cater for the schools energy needs.
NETFUND EFFECT: With support from NETFUND GIA phase 1, the initiative has been replicated in a number of institutions like; St Joseph Chepterit girls High School- Nandi County; Singore School – Elgeyo Marakwet County; Katheri School – Meru County; Our lady of Victory Kapyeberai School- Nandi County and a local church near the school.

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