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NEED: Clyde Wanyama comes from Eldoret in Uasin Gishu County. Having grown up in poverty, he was inspired by the work of the late Nobel laureate Professor Wangari Maathai to start tree planting at an early age. This provided income to alleviate the biting poverty.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: Clyde ventured into environment conservation six years ago through garbage collection and planting of trees. Through his initiatives, local churches and schools started engaging Clyde on different tree planting initiatives. With increased demand for his services, he needed extra hands. Youth from his locality who were either impressed by his work or just curious started volunteering to work with him. It was clear to Clyde that a large number of youth in the area were unemployed and this prompted him to register the Art Youth Research Center as a way of creating employment. The group has created employment for more than 15 members of the group some of whom were former street children.
IMPACT: The Art Youth Research activities have impacted the youth and school going children in Eldoret by encouraging them to participate in environmental conservation efforts. This has been achieved through increased awareness on the importance of trees through various school programs.
INNOVATION: The group provides cheaper alternative fuel in form of briquettes made from a mixture of charcoal dust and other waste that the youth collects. In addition to the briquettes, the group recycles the waste from which they make creative products like sculptures, ‘kiondos’ and beads for jewellery.

NETFUND EFFECT: Art Youth Research Center participated in NETFUND’s Green Innovation Award (NETFUND GIA) 2014 and scooped the first place prize under the Community Based Organizations category. The group members were trained on how to up scale the project to fully optimize output. With the grant accompanying the award, the group purchased 2 motorized machines for briquette making. NETFUND has also enabled the Art Youth Center to pipe water in their premises. Most of them can attest that this has helped improve their processes especially in the mixing the charcoal dust for briquette making.
The group’s profit has increased by over 200% as a result of this capacity building and mechanisation. The number of staff employed by the group has also gone up by 600%. Those benefiting indirectly are fivefold. The overall output increased from 16 bags of briquettes monthly to 112 bags.

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