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NEED: David Ngige was deeply affected by the endemic poverty prevalent in his hometown of Kitale. The quality of life was also very poor and together with other community members, he explored ways in which to change these circumstances.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: Dajopen Waste Management was therefore formed with a vision to alleviate poverty. The primary activity of the group was conversion of waste into resources that would generate incomes.
IMPACT: Since inception in 2007, Dajopen has trained other self-help groups on alternative livelihood opportunities like organic farming and waste management. Group members have changed their waste disposal methods to more environmentally friendly ones. By recycling and reusing garbage, the project has improved livelihoods of farmers in North Rift and Western counties of Kenya by providing affordable organic fertilizer. The project has benefitted 180 women and 76 men who are part of the volunteers of the group.
INNOVATION: The group recycles waste materials such as waste paper to make kiondos and jewellery, metal off cuts to fabricate maize shellers and organic waste collected from Kitale town to produce useable organic end products. Organic products include biocides for use in farms, garbage enzymes for preparation of organic manure and liquid organic fertilizer (fermented plant extract). The group came up with a method where vegetable and fruit peels are fermented to prepare garbage enzymes and liquid fertilizer.
The group also invented a maize sheller that is easy to use. This has reduced the time and energy used to shell maize during harvest season. The difference of the invention is that it does not split maize when shelling from the cob which prolongs the maize product shelf life. This simple yet useful invention is appreciated by women across the maize growing region of Kitale.

NETFUND EFFECT: Dajopen Waste Management participated in NETFUND GIA 2014 and received a grant to upscale their activities. The group’s output of organic manure has increased by over 200%. With a similar increase in the production of the maize shelling units. Group profits have also increased from KES 187,000 annually to KES 351,000.
NETFUND has also expanded Dajopen’s network through facilitation to linkages and showcase opportunities like the Nairobi Innovation Week 2015, SEED Symposium 2015 and UN Women Workshop in Gigiri Nairobi in 2014.


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