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NEED: The water table in Aduwa hills of Siaya County is quite high. This presents a sanitation problem because waste from pit latrines seeps into ground water creating breeding grounds for water borne diseases like typhoid, cholera and diarrhoea.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: The Liganwa Moyie Community Group has initiated the construction of ecologically friendly toilets known as ‘Ecosan’.
IMPACT: This kind of approach saves water, protects water quality, prevents pollution and returns valuable nutrients to the soil. The group’s activities have reduced the case of water borne diseases that were prevalent previously. The community has preserved two springs of water that serve 15,000 people since there is no tapped water in the area.



INNOVATION: The ‘Ecosan’ toilet is built with separate chambers for urine and faecal matter. This approach ensures that there is no seepage to ground water thus safeguards water quality around Aduwa Hills in Siaya County.

NETFUND EFFECT: With NETFUND’s intervention, the project has been expanded to 3 springs. The group has been able to increase the number of skilled jobs by over 100%; greenhouse technicians, spring technician and fundis. The project has also created job opportunities for over 100 casual labourers who are engaged in tree nursery establishment and construction of Ecosan toilets. Over 1,000 indirect jobs created through water vendors and boda boda operators. The CBO has expanded their tree nurseries to hold 20,000 seedlings.

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