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NEED: Mulukhu Water Resource Users Association is an umbrella association for women groups. The group was formed after concern from the women increased due to the frequency with which children were falling ill from water as a result of water borne diseases. It was clear that the solution lay in provision of clean water in the locality. Availability of water was also a big challenge as it required women to trek for about two Kilometres to the nearest water point.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: The women came up with an idea to dig wells for their water needs. Each group member was expected to contribute a certain amount of money as investment into the project. Group leader Esther Tunguta admits that this was quite a challenge as they had other family needs to take care of and digging wells was not a family priority.


IMPACT: The wells dramatically changed their lives and that of the local community. The controlled water point meant that water quality was improved compared to the river water which they had to share with livestock animals. As a result, there was a reduction of waterborne diseases within the community and school attendance became much more stable.

INNOVATION: Apart from provision of clean water, the project has opened up an income stream for the women in water sales and increased business opportunities in tomato farming and growing of palm oil trees which the group has now ventured into. The project model improves sanitation by protecting springs and separating human and domestic animals watering points.
NETFUND EFFECT: With NETFUND support, the group has dug 13 wells, 15 pit latrines, 5 tanks, and protected 11 springs. The group has created a business model where the 17 group members now have equity in the group activities. The group has also employed 3 people on a permanent basis.


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