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NEED: Hillary Kituur could not find a job after his university education. After a long fruitless search for formal employment, he started to seriously consider self-employment.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: Together with some family members, he started a business, Aqualine Distributors Limited after research into a process known as pyrolysis.
IMPACT: To meet his supply of waste tyres, Hillary collects used/rejected tyres from Kericho, Nakuru and Nairobi and assembles them at his new business point in Athi River.
When not well managed lead from waste tyres poses serious threats of lead poisoning to the environment. The main selling point of the initiative is the creation of a market for a readily available raw material, used tyres. This has reduced air pollution as the project deviates from the normal practice of open burning of tyres. Organizations that purchase semi- processed tyre by products from Aqualine include Bamburi Cement ltd, Sameer Africa and Finlays Kenya.

INNOVATION: Hillary identified the recycling of waste tyres into fuels as a viable business option due to the huge number of waste tyres that lay unused in different yards across several towns in Kenya. From the tyres, he extracts- through the pyrolysis process- petroleum oil, wires and carbon black powder.


The petroleum oil produced is used as an alternative source of energy by manufacturing companies and carbon black powder is used by the manufacturers of paint and shoe polish. The wires extracted are also recycled to make steel wires. The direct beneficiaries of this innovation are the waste tyre dealers who now have a ready market.
NETFUND EFFECT: Aqualine Distributors participated in NETFUND GIA and won second place in the SMEs category. With NETFUND support, the enterprise has been up scaled to achieve income of KES 1,250,000 annually with a profit margin of KES 330,000. The oil production capacity has gone up due to this increased income to 70,000 litres a month.

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Empowering kenyans to sustainably manage the environment through promotion and support of green growth.

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