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NEED: Eco Fuels Kenya is a manufacturing firm that uses the croton seed to produce environmentally friendly fuel and in the process provides livelihoods for rural communities.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: The organization works with farmers who collect the croton. The farmers are paid for the seeds they deliver. To avoid waste the croton husks are mixed with waste matter and used to produce smokeless briquettes. The croton seed oil extract is more economical when compared to the financial implication of investing in electricity infrastructure.
IMPACT: Eco fuels provides a cheaper alternative to electricity. The Company works together with at least 3,000 farmers who grow the product and also benefit from the sale of their harvests to the organization. So far Eco Fuels Kenya has been able to process 520 tonnes of croton nuts.
INNOVATION: The innovation provides alternative environmentally friendly fuel from the croton nut. This is a renewable form of energy. The extracted fuel is sold as a replacement for diesel fuel in engines such as generators and water pumps.

NETFUND EFFECT: The organization entered NETFUND GIA 2014 and received a grant for up scaling the innovation. Through NETFUND’s financial support the project has diversified their green energy venture by exploring briquette making from the waste croton husks. Eco Fuels has developed a GIS map of high croton areas in Central Kenya.
With NETFUND support, beneficiaries have doubled 750 croton seed and waste collectors to 1500. The project’s income has increased from KES 4,000,000 per year to KES 8,000,000.

Our Mission

Empowering kenyans to sustainably manage the environment through promotion and support of green growth.

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