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NEED: The innovator, Thomas Gichuru wanted to promote community climate change resilience and adaptation. He wanted to achieve this through the promotion of proper waste management and the reduction of over reliance on natural resources.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: From personal experience, he wanted to reduce the mortality rate of young chicks during the cold season by the use of integrated chick rearing cook stoves and also to provide an alternative livelihood source for his community through chicken rearing.
Gichuru designed an integrated cook stove which uses less firewood compared to the one he was using before. This new innovation provided more warmth for the chicks and subsequently reduced their mortality rates.
IMPACT: The project’s success has attracted 57 groups of at least 20 members each to visit the initiative with the need of replicating the idea. The success has been replicated to other projects through the Training of Trainers (ToT) model which assures continued local access to installation of the stoves and end user training.
INNOVATION: The Integrated chick rearing cooking stove is built of clay with cooking compartments and an incubator below it. The heat from the cooking keeps the chicks warm long after cooking has been completed.

NETFUND EFFECT: From his participation in the NETFUND GIA, the innovator was trained on how to upscale his project. Through NETFUND’s involvement he has increased his installation of cook stoves and has also developed liners to enhance the innovation.


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