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NEED: The initiative’s environmental goal is to contribute to reduction of greenhouse gas emission around its location and to reduce blockage of waste water systems caused by waste oil and fats.

AVENUE TO MEET NEED: Dr. Nicholas Mwenda, a lecturer at Kenya Methodist University recycles waste oil which is then converted into biodiesel using simple technologies. He sources the raw material- mainly waste oil- from the hospitality sector. The biodiesel produced through Dr. Mwenda’s processes is sufficiently refined for use in any diesel engine and as such no modification required for existing diesel engines. There is a ready local market and the biodiesel has already been tested on tuk tuks.


IMPACT: At a larger scale it is envisioned that the project will contribute to reduction of water contamination from by oils, fats and greases from food industries.


INNOVATION: The innovation promotes the recycling and re-use of waste oil as a biodiesel. The by-product of this process is used to produce soaps/detergents and glycerine for the pharmaceutical industry. The project initiator has designed a stove that makes use of the biodiesel which burns with less smoke. Plans are underway to integrate these products into the local market

NETFUND EFFECT: NETFUND has supported the projects up scaling programme. Dr. Mwenda expects to replicate the project to bring about behavioural change towards organic waste management and forest conservation from community members.


Our Mission

Empowering kenyans to sustainably manage the environment through promotion and support of green growth.

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