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NEED: Before the installation of the biogas project the school relied on fire wood for its cooking purposes. After installation of the project the reliance on firewood has gone down by 70%.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: St. Mary’s Boys School came up with an alternative source of energy for cooking and lighting as a way of controlling their electricity costs.

The most viable option for the school was the installation of a biogas digester which would utilize human waste from the school’s pit latrines.

IMPACT: Upon installation and proper network distribution of biogas in the entire boarding complex and science laboratory, the school would have an alternative source of heating and lighting.
INNOVATION: The innovation focuses on the concept of utilizing human waste for energy.
NETFUND EFFECT: NETFUND supported the school in the acquisition of an 8 KVA genset generator which was modified to include a manual change-over system for switching between the power from the grid and the power from the biogas. The school also put in place a mechanism for ‘scrubbing’ the biogas to remove hydrogen sulphide for higher calorific value. 12 flushable toilets have been installed up from 6 units to increase the biogas production capacity. Through continued partnership the number of toilets is expected to go up. The biogas storage was also expanded to 80m3 up from 70m3.


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