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NEED: The group commenced its activities in 1998 and was registered in 2000 as a self-help group with a main objective of reducing the occurrence of water borne diseases in Nyalenda slums in Kisumu. It embarked on creating awareness with landlords and tenants in the slums of the dangers of open drainages and defecation in open areas by encouraging construction of pit latrines. Even where the pit latrines were dug, they were shallow and the faecal waste ended up getting mixed with water that was consumed by residents of the slum.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: To reduce the tendency of open defecation, the group constructed Ecosan toilets within the area. Since the water table within the area is high the use of Ecosan toilets prevents contamination of ground water. The group is also involved in the collection of waste plastics that are recycled to make basins, plates and mugs. They also embarked on planting of trees in schools and market places so at to improve the vegetation of the area.

IMPACT: The toilets have reduced the level of open defecation and thereby increased sanitation levels. This has also improved water quality within the slums and water borne diseases incidence especially among children has reduced considerably. The group’s collection of waste plastic has positively impacted the environment by offering a waste management solution. The group members have been empowered through the sale of the recycled plastic products.
INNOVATION: The Ecosan toilets innovation incorporates portable bio digesters which are used to produce biogas from faecal matter. The toilet has separate chambers for urine and faecal matter. The recycling of plastic to produce new products contributes to a cleaner environment.
NETFUND EFFECT: Through NETFUND’s up scaling program, the group has increased the quantity of plastic waste material recycled from 3.5 tonnes to 8 tonnes. The monthly revenue has doubled from KES 120,000 to KES 240,000 while jobs created have increased by 9%.


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Empowering kenyans to sustainably manage the environment through promotion and support of green growth.

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