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NEED: In this area which is classified as an ASAL (arid and semi- arid area), the school sought to build a micro climate in the school through tree planting.
AVENUE TO MEET NEED: The girls in the school are environment conservation ambassadors who encourage proper waste management and environmental conservation by the surrounding community.
IMPACT: Wajir Girls Primary School is involved in environmental conservation through planting of trees under a tree per child programme, awareness creation to parents and neighbours.
Through fruit tree farming the girls enjoy fruits from the trees planted apart from provision of shade which provides a more conducive environment for learning and performance.
The surrounding community benefits directly from the student’s waste management program as they now live in a cleaner environment. Through the water conservation and water harvesting initiative more people in the community can access clean water.
INNOVATION: The school also organizes weekly clean ups within the school and surrounding environs, water conservation by water harvesting and storage and have now started working on tapping solar energy by use of solar panels.
NETFUND EFFECT: In 2012, Wajir Girls participated in NETFUND’s Green Innovations Award and emerged second in the Primary schools category. With NETFUND’s financial and technical support, the initiative has now grown into a social benefit and income generating project for the neighbouring community. The financial support by NETFUND has enabled the school to upscale this initiative and is now able to generate income of KES 60,000 from the sale of fruits while increasing tree cover in Wajir. This money is ploughed back into the purchase of seedlings in an effort to increase tree cover in the entire neighbourhood.

Our Mission

Empowering kenyans to sustainably manage the environment through promotion and support of green growth.

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