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NEED: The Filadelfia Women Crisis Centre project aims at improving living conditions for abused women through trainings and rehabilitative activities.

AVENUE TO MEET NEED: The project provides a shelter for abused, distressed and vulnerable women/ girls regardless of their ethnic, political or religious background. Women in the shelter turn waste products into finished items.

IMPACT: The social impact of the project is immense both directly and indirectly. For every one person who benefits from the project a number of dependants also benefit from the improved livelihood. Initially the beneficiaries of the initiative were 300 women, 45 men and 70 children (40 girls and 30 boys).The production capacity of the initiative was initially 150 bags plastic paper and 300 pieces of earrings and necklaces produced per week.

INNOVATION: Women in the shelter use waste products like old clothes, sacks, old cardigans, charcoal dust, bicycle tyres, old newspapers, paper bags and old magazines to make creative items which they sell to earn a living. Finished items include bracelets, quilts, door mats, handbags and jewellery.

NETFUND EFFECT: With NETFUND’s involvement in the project the profits realized rose from grew by over 300% per day and the number of employees doubled. The beneficiaries of the project also increased to 450 women, 62 men and 124 children (70 girls and 54 boys). These increases have a multiplier effect in the number of beneficiaries.


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