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At NETFUND, we recognize the power of synergies to deliver results to our beneficiaries and maximize donor satisfaction.

Partner with us in the following programs:

NETFUND Green Innovations Awards

1. Prize money for a category in NETFUND Green Innovations Award (Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, SMEs, CBOs, Women Groups and Individuals).

• 3rd prize KES 250,000
• 2nd prize KES 500,000
• 1st prize KES 1,000,000

2. Technical and Business Support for Incubation of innovation (Technical and Business Support)

• Up to KES 5,000,000

3. Seed capital for incubation projects and other financing – Range
• Up to KES 2,000,000

4. Local and International Exchange visits and other networking forums for the innovators

• KES 25,000 per innovator

5. Research on identified gaps to support green growth initiatives

• KES 2,000,000 per study

6. Awareness initiatives such as radio campaigns, launch, and awards gala

• As from KES 500,000

7. Production of a best practice magazine and a documentary to showcase green innovations

• KES 1,000,000

8. In-Kind Donations are also welcome

Benefits Package

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